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Physiotherapy Practice & Research is a biannual journal published in June and December each year


Latest issue

44:2 published online on December 2023


Monthly article spotlight from the latest issue

December 2023

Mobility following femoral neck fracture surgery: Does surgical treatment affect outcome?

January 2024 

An examination of the operative and post-operative management of trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis in Ireland

February 2024 

Can emotional distress induce acute low back pain? A systematic review

March 2024 

Prevalence of cervical dysfunction in those referred for treatment of vertigo or dizziness

April 2024 

Misreporting study results in main texts and abstracts of randomized controlled trials published by physical therapy researchers (SPIN)

May 2024 

Evaluation of patients with low back pain due to facet joint arthrosis: The relationship between pain beliefs and pain, function, and quality of life

June 2024 

Neural mechanosensitivity findings in patients with adhesive capsulitis

Next issue

45:1 scheduled for June 2024


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