HSCP Funded Courses

HSE HSCP Education + Development Unit Funded Courses

Each year the HSE Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) Office offer CPD funding to the health and social care professions to deliver training and education to publicly funded staff. This funding is applied for, awarded to and distributed by the relevant professional bodies, including AOTI, INDI, IASW, SCI, IICMS, IIRRT, IASLT, AMLS and SCPI.  The funding is designed to meet the learning needs of staff in publicly funded orgaizations. This includes HSE hospitals, PCC or voluntary bodies/organizatoins that are in receipt of HSE funding.  

One of the key objectives of the HSCP Office is to ensure mechanisms are in place for continuing professional development (CPD) for HSCP with the overall aim of ensuring that these professionals have access to the development opportunities required to deliver high quality health and social services.  Any funding received will be used to support continuing professional development for your profession in line with the HSCP Education + Development Unit objectives and criteria set out below 

Please note that as places at HSCP funded events are in high demand places are offered on a prioritised basis dependent on relevance to your practice and caseload and take into account a number of factors which includes regional spread.

The EOI application includes current grade, work setting, work location and motivation as to how attendance at the training will benefit the service user, the service, the organisation and your professional practice.

Accepting an offer at one HSCP funded event will result in future applications being added as waitlist applications for other events.

Please note you do not need to be an ISCP member to apply for a course place.