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Professional Development

Becoming a Chartered Physiotherapist is a mark of your commitment to the continuing development of your professional expertise and ethical practise, which gives you a competitive advantage over non-Chartered Physiotherapists. You will have regular and easy access to important developments in your profession, with the opportunity to assure your place at the vanguard of professional Physiotherapists in Ireland. (click to read more)

Advocacy & Support

The ISCP advocates on behalf of its members on an ongoing basis to ensure that the Society is represented amongst key stakeholders and that key issues affecting members are being addressed. (click to read more)

Professional Networks

The Society has over 25 Professional Networks to support you in your career. Each Network focuses on a key area of physiotherapy practice and is led by a volunteer committee that focuses on each network’s member needs (click to read more)

Advisor’s Corner

The Society has a part-time Professional Advisor, Esther-Mary D’Arcy,  who assists members with professional issues, employment issues, practice issues and ethical queries
Members can view the latest updates/developments in our Advisor’s Corner or alternatively contact our advisor should they have a query relating to their practice. (click to read more)

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